The OBEM Company
History and Achievement

The OBEM Company has been founded in Biella, Northern Italy, in 1946 by Mr. Luigino Barchietto who has been the Company President till 1996 when unfortunately he passed away. Now OBEM is managed by the 3 sons of the founder: Paolo, Giorgio and Carlo.
At the beginning, the OBEM company started the production of yarn steaming and thermosetting machines for the local spinning and the twisting factories. Just few years later, at beginning of the 50ies, OBEM started the production of dyeing machineries for Tops and for Hank. Towards the end of the 50ies, OBEM manufactured some vertical package dyeing machines and in the following decade, OBEM has consistently increased its machinery production range and the production premises have been relocated in a newly constructed building. During this time we have developed our efficient coupling system for connecting up to 4 or 6 hank dyeing machines in parallel and the first horizontal tops dyeing machine; in the 70ies we developed the first few models of API/O the horizontal and modular package dyeing machine. In the 1986, OBEM contributed to the realization of the first robotized package dyeing plant in Northern America and in 1989 we realized the first fully robotized horizontal package dyeing plant. If you are interested please visit the OBEM Web Museum. In the last decade OBEM has been very active in the realization of robotized dyeing plants of every kind all over the world: these plants are shown in the dedicated web pages.