Dyeing Machinery

Hank - MBC

Parallel coupling
Load reduction devices

The MBC hank dyeing machines are the good choice for dyeing yarn trouble free! This family of machines has been studied in order to have the liquor flow always perfectly parallel to the yarn, which renders the MBC system most suitable for dyeing delicate yarns like wool, wool and nylon, wool and acrylic, shrink resistant wool, wool and silk, mercerized cotton, cashmere, linen etc.
Due to their construction, MBC can work with a minimum liquor ratio of 1:10, obtainable with some yarns, which contributes to notable savings in the consumption of thermal energy, water and chemical products. Furthermore the low liquor ratio increases the reliability of dyeing process and helps to reach a better final quality.
The MBC is modular, so small and large capacity machines share the same accessories. Volumetric dummies, render the flexibility of load possible till the 50% of the full load.
Minimum lots of 1 kg up to a maximum of 2,500 kg (with 6 machines coupled in parallel) can be achieved.
The MBC machines can also be used for the dyeing of pantyhose, socks, and narrow fabrics of polyester, nylon or cotton, with special baskets with drawers; these drawers can eventually be inserted in a automatic hydro-extractor for minimizing the energy consumption in drying.
The MBC system is actually used successfully in every field of the textile industry world-wide where hank dyeing is required.