Dyeing Machinery


For package dyeing OBEM proposes at least 3 different types of machinery:

- the API/V, which is the traditional vertical kier dyeing machine suitable for all kind of yarns. This machine is multipurpose as it can dye also Tow, Tops, Hank, Beams and Loose Fibres.

- the API/O, which is the innovative horizontal multi-tubes dyeing machine realized by the OBEM company for dyeing all kinds of yarns with very low Liquor Ratio.

- the CAM, which looks like a vertical kier dyeing machine with the difference that the whole body can be automatically lifted to allow the automatic loading, of the basket with the packages

Every type of the above machines has its own characteristics so we invite you to visit the detailed pages of each type in order to evaluate which one is more suitable for your type of business.