Dyeing Machinery

Hank - TMB

TMB is the new generation spray dyeing machine for hank on rotating arms with triangular shape. The movement of the hank during dyeing process is obtained by the rotation of the arm itself, without the need of the conventional rotating rod. In this way we avoid the friction between textile material and metal and consequently the most delicate types of yarns can be dyed, keeping unchanged their physical characteristics.
The arms can be partially or totally extractable. Thanks to this feature it has been possible to realize arms with length of 1.200 mm which can be still easily loaded. Practically using the totally extractable arm it is possible to avoid to stop the machine for the loading/unloading operations, because with the optional manual trolleys the above said operations can be done even far away from the machine.
TMB is manufactured in the following versions: 1-2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-20-32 arms each machine. Obviously it is possible to reduce the load of half arm, one or more arms, and it is also possible to connect in parallel 2 machines of the same capacity. Recently we have introduced the TMBP which is working under a pressure of 0.4 bar for reaching temperatures up to 108°C at sea level.
The interface with the loading station, the movements of the arms, the loading/unloading operations of the dyeing machines and the interface with final squeezing/drying phase, can be entirely robotized. Up to now we have already 1 TMB and 1 TMBP fully robotized plants. The TMB machines have been developed by MAIBO and their automation has been developed by OBEM. The MAIBO company is located in Vallemosso (BI) and is working in partnership with OBEM.